the hollow cast of my hart

by Moon Sunn Moon

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some songz I gone did - church songs for those who dn't church none - wolf hymns to the foxxxes


released February 16, 2016

Old Witch Steve



all rights reserved


Moon Sunn Moon Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Voice From The Trees
VOICE from the TREES
calling to me
calling to me
behold the sun
whose LIGHT is now GONE
my own true kin

go to sleep in my arden
SPILL your seed on my grave
while the black soil hardens
a soul to fragile to save

where are you my black flower?
buried deep 'neat the snow
with the WORMS and the WILLOW's roots
down where all lovers GO
Track Name: California Is Doomed
yeah surf is UP
let's GO!
let's get OUTTA this place!
don't look back
oh babe
there's a tear on your face

and oh
this lonely night of GLOOM
but i know california is DOOMED

yeah in a flash
the sky burns
and the mountains fall
i hear your voice
as the SEA covers ALL

and you're crying,
"oh baby is it true?"
but i know california is DOOMED
Track Name: Sinking Men
breathe the sick and sour air
and my tears will follow
follow you ALWAYS
and skin like ICE
i remember the touch
remember the touch
like our last goodbye
and distant hills hide
under blackened brush
in BLOOD and in TEARS
i'll follow forever your beautiful voice
if you call my name
if you call my name
LOVE is the promise of death
love is the glimmer of DAWN
love is this heart i held open to you
love has let sinking men DROWN
Track Name: Prayer Paws
my HUNTER greets me with a KiSS
deep wells of sadness NURTURE me
and gently touch me with your FIST
the gates of silence deafening
the earth spins on
but oh if only it would slow for me

and as the sands of TIME slip by
and wise men let sleeping cats lie
i know my, oh my, oh my
but what does this knowledge imply
as we plot our course through time
watching as our world's collide
lucifer, your pale LIGHT shines
in the corner out of sight

a shrouded figure in the MIST
we look into the face of truth
and realize ignorance is BLISS
the gates of dawn, the deep blue sea
she shuts her eyes
and hurries down the empty street
Track Name: Hellbound I Go But I'm Coming Back
hellbound i go
Track Name: Time is Time
speak the words
that love entwines
take my hand
'cause love is BLIND
fill this cup
with spoiled wine
time is short
so take the time

time is time

three over three
and NINE comes nine
sweet serpent tongue
come taste of mine
come cast a spell
speak words that rhyme
hymn to the sun
stern lord of time

time is time

and can you hear it?
voice on the wind
chills my heart
takes my breath
our DOOM is spoken
and shall arrive
so lay with me, love
while there's still time

time is time
ask Glenn, he knows. frankly I don't know h0w this ended up on here!/?
Track Name: Time is a Tyrant
say a prayer for the white grain
For REAPING TIME has come and GONE
shed a tear for this raped land
for all the seasons that have gone
i would be the young man who TOILS
in the fields of the fathers
in love and for you
break this FALLOW land
breathe in the SOIL
crawl through the CLAY
and lie in the EARTH

seventy seasons of TOIL and LABOUR
under the cruelty of seventy suns
to rest in the RUINS of YEARS
years wasted and lost in the sea
time is a TYRANT
TIME is a tyrant
the chains of our hopes
the length of our days
his fortress is ENDLESS
we STRUGGLE in vain
time is a tyrant
Track Name: My Gothic Girlfriend
my gothic girlfriend
let's get out of here
the moon is full
the sky is clear
and the dress you wore tonight
is BLACK and really TIGHT!

yeah time is on our side
the world is slowly DYING
and your face is WET from crying
but the makeup running down your EYES
looks beautiful tonight
so take my hand
and maybe we can DISAPPEAR
just like a mist
in the chilled octobre skies

the stars went out 2NITE
i guess it's just the way it goes
when the world goes out of style

so let's go out tonight
it doesn't matter where we go
'cause with you it's OUTTASIGHT!

but it's cold as dETH out there
and i see you everywhere
and the perfume in your hair
is just perfume in your hair
Track Name: Horn and Hoof
who is the stag
of seven tines?
who is the lord
of kith and kine?
i am the god
of grape and vine

horn and hoof
and hoof and horn
all that DIE
shall be REBORN
grain and corn
and corn and grain
all that FALL
shall rise AGAIN

who is the stag
who is the lord
ov KITH and KINE
i am the SVN
that never shines

horn and HOOF
and hoof and HORN
all that die shall be reborn
grain and CORN
and corn and GRAIN
all that fall
shall rise again
Track Name: Stillborn
ONE moment everything is over
just a moment everything is
Everything you've ever lived for
fades before your eyes
there are no treasures
hoarded in the GRAVE
and death's not easy to avoid
try who will
for every living soul on earth
must seek out it's appointed place
where after the feast of life
his body shall lay fast
in a narrow bed
D.O.A. we're all D.O.A.
we're all D.O.A. at birth
Sunn and Fogg oh sunn and fogg
come take it all away
now before the hour has past
and all the sunlight fades
we are all angels turned to dust
we fly alone in circles calling
Sunn and Fogg remember me
the hour is short and tired wings will fail
Track Name: Hunter of Souls
hunter of souls
play me your horn
in stormy woods
run with your hounds
run with the souls
of those reborn
though woods are silent
soon they'll sound

watcher at the gates ov winter
hunter 'neath the northern suns
in the FROST the mountains splinter
asleep in ice no rivers run

hvnter ov sovls